Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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he Most Thorough Cleaning You Have Ever Had,

Or It's FREE

We know there are MANY choices when it comes to carpet cleaners and many of our new clients have had a bad experience sometime in the past with a service provider.  We want to eliminate your risk so you can be sure you are getting the services you need most for your hard earned dollar.  Here are just some of the reasons we believe you will be thrilled with the cleaning services Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems has to offer to you.


There are many reasons why Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems should provide your cleaning service. We have listed some of them below.

The Best Equipment, Meticulous Cleaning Technicians, and pinpoint focus on the needs of our customers has allowed us to succeed in our goal of Total Satisfaction.

Attention to Details – A lot of factors can affect the final outcome of a cleaning job.  By paying attention to the details that are important to you, we can exceed your expectations, which is our goal.


Customers' Needs – Not all customers are the same! At Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems we tailor each cleaning job to the customer. For example, some cleaning companies charge a set price for a certain number of rooms. This causes customers with smaller rooms to subsidize those with larger rooms. Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses a pricing model based on the size of the area you need cleaned. Additional services such as Scotch Guard, Odor Control, Pet Stains, etc. will be explained in detail during your individual Cleaning Audit and done only with your approval.  This pricing model allows us to give each customer the great value they deserve.

High Quality Technicians – Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems prides itself on having the finest, detail oriented, clean-cut technicians in our client's homes and businesses. They are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable professionals who you will feel comfortable having in your home and place of business.

Superior Process - Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems does not use harsh chemicals that could harm or weaken the fibers in your carpet. Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses a clear, non-soap, no-residue cleaning solution that is completely safe for  adults, children and pets . The combination of steam, specially formulated cleaning solutions, and powerful extraction of dirt translates into longer-lasting, cleaner carpets, drapes, upholstery and other materials. For specific information on the materials we clean, please see our materials section on the left.

Better Equipment - When it comes to effective cleaning, the right equipment can make a great difference. Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses large truck mounted cleaning equipment which generate greater heat and more extraction power than other cleaning equipment. Our clients get the deepest cleaning and the shortest drying times. Less water remains in the carpet; hence, drying times are reduced.

Full-Fiber Clean – Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems uses water/steam temperatures between 180-220 degrees to breakup the most difficult stains in the carpet fiber, tile and grout or other materials. Other systems often use harsh chemicals on the carpet which only cleans the top fibers of the carpet and does not extract the dirt from the bottom fiber. By far it is better to extract the dirt out, which will allow the carpet to look like new and last longer.




California - 951-252-2311

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Toll Free - 877-996-8731

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Clients Talk About Ultra Steam Cleaning


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I have used many carpet cleaners before and without a doubt Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems has the total solution to meet our needs. They not only clean carpets but a whole lot more. The best indorcement I can give is that I will use them again.

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