Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Carpet Cleaning


We use the most advanced cleaning processes around!


When cleaning carpet, Ultra Steam takes into consideration a number of factors to make sure we give your carpet the proper care.  Here are just a few of the things we must consider:

  • Do you have a synthetic or natural fiber? Some types of carpet will respond differently in how they release soil in the cleaning process.
  • Is it a cut pile or level loop weave? ULTRA STEAM CLEANING SYSTEMS has the experience with the different types of carpet and how best to clean each of them.
  • How has it been cared for in the Past? Knowing what has been done to care for your carpet in the past can be a great help in bringing out the best in your carpet.  Past cleaning may have left your carpet with a cleaning residue that needs extra attention to correct.
  • Do you have any recurring spots? Knowing about any recurring problem areas will help us get the right solution the first time through.  We must often deal with what is under the carpet as well as what is on the surface.  Knowing how often you vacuum each room will help us determine the correct solution for your carpet.
  • Are there any pets in the house? Pet spots are a common issue that we need to know about.  You would be surprised how often we find pet spots that the home owner did not know about.  Ultra Steam has some very effective solutions for treating these issues.
  • What is the age of the carpet and how often has it been cleaned? A carpet that has not been cleaned in 5 or 6 years will often need very different attention than a carpet that is cleaned every 6-8 months.

Ultra Steam Cleaning Systems takes pride in doing the job right! We are meticulous when it comes to the small details and promise you the most thorough cleaning you have ever had. Our technicians are trained and required to take ownership of each job they do. To be done right, carpet cleaning is a craft, and like any good craftsman, we like to step back and look at the result of our labor. So if you see one of our technicians with a magnifying glass where a spot once was, examining the fibers a bit closer, please don't be alarmed!


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